Is Body Waxing the Hair Removal System That’s Right For Me

Waxing | Clearfield, is a locally owned and operated beauty salon specializing in and provide a total body care experience. The Spa and Lash Studio Clearfield provide include waxing, spray tan application and skincare. Waxing studio has been locally operating for years with an internationally trained beauty therapist who understands the need for high quality and effective beauty products and services. If you are looking for waxing services in or Waxing | Clearfield can provide you with a variety of body waxing solutions at very affordable prices.

Waxing | Clearfield, has many years of industry experience providing a variety of waxing service and product options, from eyebrow waxing to leg waxing, Our services at The Spa and Lash Studio Clearfield, Waxing | Clearfield, are of the highest quality and we stand by our products, we don’t test on animals and we use organic raw ingredients when possible. So if you’re looking to have your legs or any part of your body waxed, then come visit us because our beauty therapists will be able to assist you with all your waxing needs.

Services Waxing | Clearfield offer:


    Eyebrow Waxing

    Bikini Waxing

    Leg Waxing


    Massage Therapy

    Manicures & Pedicures


    Spray Tanning



    Light Therapy

Waxing is dangers for you?

There are not many things that can go wrong with waxing but its best to make you aware of the dangers first so as you are not in any uncertain terms as to ‘what’ a reaction is.

The first thing that WILL happen is the area that is waxed will be fair to very red after the treatment. I am sure you will have had bad shaving days where the area shaved was sensitive and inflamed after the shaving was done, this is the exact something. Your skin may not be used to such rough treatment and will be a bit raw afterward but it’s nothing to worry about, it will go. If you are worried about this because of people seeing it I don’t foresee this to be too much of a problem as the majority of areas you will want to be waxed will be areas that are usually covered up unless it’s your eyebrows/chin/mustache and all these areas as they are so small will heal a lot quicker than a big area that has been waxed.

You may get ingrowing hairs after the hair that was previously waxed starts to grow back, this is normal and the next appointment with the waxing technician will remove this, its nothing to worry about.

If you are looking for a salon to assist with all your waxing needs, Waxing | Clearfield is a perfect choice.…